A Day of Beauty Insights with MADI International-Skeyndor

June 15, 2023

On 15th June, Melina Salon & Spa celebrated a significant milestone since its grand opening – our very first event in collaboration with Skeyndor, presented by MADI International. For those unfamiliar with the name, Skeyndor is a top-tier Spanish facial product brand, and we're proud to have it as a part of our offerings at Melina Salon & Spa.

The highlight of the day? A complimentary skin diagnosis and hair consultation for all attendees. Thanks to Skeyndor's cutting-edge proprietary machine, participants received a comprehensive analysis of their skin, determining its age and health. More than just numbers, this state-of-the-art equipment provided personalized recommendations on how to best nurture and care for their unique skin type.

But that wasn't all. While the skin analysis delved deep into understanding individual skincare needs, our hair consultation furthered the holistic beauty experience. Attendees walked away not only with insights about their skin but also invaluable knowledge on how to best care for their tresses.

The event was nothing short of a success. Attendees not only got the opportunity to understand their skin and hair better but also discovered ways to enhance their beauty regime. We are immensely grateful for the participation and enthusiasm shown by everyone and are eager to host more of such insightful events in the future.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and offerings from Melina Salon & Spa. Your beauty journey is just beginning with us!

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